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The SHIELDkey is a wireless panic button that allows the user to simply push a button to alert the campus police of an emergency situation. The SHIELDkey uses Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy technologies.

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The SHIELDbud is iPhone companion application that receives the alert from the SHIELDkey. Once the alert is placed, the application will calculate the student's location and send that along with the student's profile directly to campus police.

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The SHIELDdash, is a web portal that allows the campus police dispatchers to view the student alerts in real time. Within second, the SHIELDdash will display all the necessary information to allow the police dispatcher to respond to the situation.

What we do. Your Safety is our Business

SHIELDtech Inc. provides college students with a unique solution that uses a wireless panic device, partnered with a smartphone application, to enable the student to quickly and discreetly alert campus police of an emergency at the simple push of a button. Within seconds, the user’s GPS location and credentials are relayed to the dispatcher. SHIELDtech provides an all-in-one product and services, including the wireless panic device, the smartphone application, and the police dispatcher dashboard.

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Our Team! Assemble!!!

Christopher Coppola,CEO and co-founder of SHIELDtech, is the leading product design engineer and is responsible for the day-to-day business activities. Ralph Mattiaccio, President and co-founder, is the lead software developer and business administrator. Robert Oliveira is responsible for the front and back end software development. Ryan Western specializes in social media management, event planning, and marketing. Together they form a strong technical, business-oriented, and self-motivated team with entrepreneurial aspirations and a clear vision for SHIELDtech’s direction.

Pilot with us! See for yourself.

Interested in having your school be one of the first colleges to try out the SHIELD solution? We are looking for institutions in the New Jersey and New York area to test pilot the SHIELD system. Our team wants to work closely with students and campus safety in order to build a better system for a safer campus community. All interested parties please contact us at

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