The System


SHIELDkey is a simple wearable device that allows the user to alert family, friends and/or first responders of an emergency situation with a simple push of a button. SHIELDkey uses Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy technologies.

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SHIELDapp is an iPhone companion application that receives the alert from the SHIELDkey. Once the alert is placed, the application will calculate the users's location and send the information, along with the user's profile, directly to their emergency contact of choice.


SHIELDdash is a enterprise web-based software that allows private security forces to receive real time alerts from their community members, giving them all the information to respond to the situation.


For Consumers

Alert for help!

Alert for help with SHIELDkey! This coin sized, Bluetooth enabled device allows users to quickly and discreetly alert others of an emergency with a simple push of a button.


Designed to fit your life-style. Wear the SHIELDkey the way you want with the key chain, necklace, clip and wrist band accessories.

Battery Life

No charging, just juice. This low energy device can run on a single coin cell battery for up to one year! If your a heavy user and the battery runs dry, you can pop in a new battery.

Download & Sign up (Invite)

Download and sign up! Users can download the SHIELDapp from the Apple App store (INVITE ONLY) and sign up for a SHIELD account!

Family & Friends (Coming Soon!)

Instantly notify your contacts. In an emergency, the user's emergency contacts will be instantly notified of the situation. Friends and family will receive a text message with the user's information as well as their live location.

24/hr Call Center (Coming Soon!)

Who doesn't want an angel watching over them? Users have the option to have their very own guardian angel, 24/hr a day 7 days a week. In an emergency, your SHIELDangel will contact you and dispatch local police and first aid responders to your location.

For Enterprise


Instant alerts from your community members. Get access to all of your community member's alerts in real time. Profile and medical information and the community member's photo pops up when he/she is in an emergency.


Emergency's don't stay still. During an emergency, track your community member's live location so you are always upto date the lastest information so you can response accordingly.

One Platform (Coming Soon!)

One platform, on any device. SHIELDdash can be loaded on any internet ready device, including desktops, tablets and even smartphones! Help your community member's any time and place.